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Part 1 of 2: Criteria Qualification

Please complete this self-administered online checklist.

If you have questions about why you did not qualify for a listing, please do not hesitate to contact us and we would gladly review your submission with you.

If you feel important, green aspects of your company are not fully recognized by our criteria, you may also file a re-assessment by clicking "Submit Information" below.

Qualifying Criteria

All of these criteria must be met.

Corporate sustainability statement or mandate
Green Procurement as corporate purchasing policy
Utilize a FSC certified printer
Fair Trade and Sweatshop-Free manufacturing
Offer Gifting and Giveaway Options that are Environmentally Friendly (e.g. high recycled content, organic or sustainable materials such as bamboo or hemp) - and/or - Socially Responsible/Fair Trade
Minimum Packaging Use
Commitment to Donating Partial Proceeds to Charitable Causes

Additional Considerations

As part of our ongoing mission to keep our criteria current and relevant, we are gathering information on additional greening practices you may be engaged in. Please let us know how else you are contributing to a greener future!

Internal Environmental Policy/Greening Plan -or- ISO 14001 Certification
Green Staff Incentives (e.g. carpool or transit subsidies)
Use vehicles that participate in Transport Canada's ecoAUTO Rebate Program
Awards or recognition for environmental initiatives
Participate in carbon offset programs
Office utilizes green power


Please use the field below to indicate other green activities that you are presently involved with.

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