1. Why is it necessary to print this directory?

    The Green Meeting Guide will be both a print and online directory distributed across Canada. We will have seven targeted cities, which will be featured, in our first edition. We have carefully selected a printer who exemplify the best sustainability practices and have gone through our very stringent internal criteria. The printer that we will be using is [1] local [2] entire office operations utilizes green power [3] carbon offsets [4] FSC certified printer [5] FSC certified paper [6] more than 50% recycled stock [7] utilizes vegetable inks. We are not printing in large volumes, only what is required and the page and size of the directory is carefully thought-out to not use up unnecessary paper, inks and energy. Offering the Green Meeting Guide in both print and online versions will not only increase the search options of green suppliers but our research shows that a very strong majority prefer to have a something that is in hard copy. And for that reason, we have provided a print option and to stress again, a sustainable print option.

  2. What do you mean by "green" or "sustainability" in the context of this guide?

    The Green Meeting Guide is committed to making the MCI market more sustainable and earth-friendly by strengthening community standards and environmental performance. Furthermore, the guide illustrates that planners should be more conscientious about the events they organize, as there are options to reduce the impact of meetings, events and conferences.

  3. What are the first steps you can take to turn "brown" meetings into "green" meetings?

    Turning a "brown" meeting to "green" is not as daunting as one may think. Distinguishing the difference between the two types of meetings would help visualize and understand how one is perceived as a negative impact on the environment versus the other as a positive impact. Cooperation and participation from all parties is essential, as it must be stressed that the meeting is carrying a "green" mandate. A designated green officer or green team may also be created to ensure the successful delivery of the meeting.

  4. Do you have any solid checklists available for running a green meeting?

    Please visit the section Plan a Green Meeting to obtain a checklist to start you on the green meeting path.
  5. How can I best educate myself on green meetings?

    Green Lodgings & Venues:

    Hotel Association of Canada Green Key ECO-Rating Program
    Audubon Green Leaf™ Eco-Rating Program
    BS 8901:2007 – Specification for a sustainable event and venue:
    Pollution Probe – practical solutions:

    Guide to carbon offsets:

    A Consumers' Guide to Retail Offset Providers
    Pollution Probe – primers

    Guide to green energy:

    Bullfrog Power
    Pollution Probe - publications

    Green Meetings:

    Green Meeting Industry Council (GMIC)
    Fairmont Eco-Meet: Green Meeting & Conference Planning Option
    Environment Canada Green Meetings Guide
    Blue Green Meetings

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