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Green Meeting

How do I get started? Where do I look? What are the key factors I should be looking at when planning an eco-friendly meeting? Why should I do it? What 'green' options are there for me?

Planning an eco-friendly meeting, conference or event is easier than you think.

The Green Meeting Checklist is a good place to turn, offering simple guidelines to help start you on your sustainability journey.

Lost in Translation?

The Green Glossary helps to explain some of the more commonly used 'green lingo' you might have come across.

Lost in Labels?

When searching for a 'green' supplier, there are key things to look out for that gives the supplier as well as the industry credibility. We have created a list of recognized, credible certifications to watch out for. Take a look and see which certification(s) best apply to you.

Take part in the green meeting movement ... get listed! Do you know suppliers that are making the world a 'greener' place? Click here for facts on green planning. Find out how!
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